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DAMMIT!!! I am so cheesed off right now it’s not even funny!

My sweetie husband gave me Dragon Age: Origins during the steam sale and I’ve been playing it a lot lately. Loved the game, freakin’ ADORED Alistair! Seriously, is there a better character anywhere, ever? But having sneaking suspicions…

Speaking as a player who romances Alistair more than 75% of the time, you do have other options - romance Zevran, have a lesbian affair with Leliana, or be so fond of Morrigan as your best friend that the Dark Ritual is more of a momentary, embarrassing inconvenience than a huge sacrifice. (Some mages, for example, who have befriended Morrigan might even agree with her.  I have had one who did,) 

But yes, Alistair’s romance is full of anguish. So is Morrigan’s, if you think about it. There is a bumpy road to get to happily ever after with Alistair, but there is no road at all for the Morrigan romance. Every major decision in this game is meant to be very hard. That’s why they threw in Leliana and Zevran - as alternative romances that do not involve staggering sacrifices.


Okay, but like, where is the fanfic with reasonably crafty and slightly manipulative Alistair?

His supposed puppet-master Eamon isn’t shown to have any influence on him past the Landsmeet. Morrigan, of all people, told Zevran that he’s sharp. And if he’s hardened and you get him to do the dark…

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