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I was thinking a lot about the Doctor’s companions and I realized, Rose Tyler has probably died. Cause after Ten there was obviously Eleven and he spent quite a while ( like a couple centuries ) being depressed after the Ponds and possibly longer in Trenzalore. And Rose may be in another dimension but she’s only human.

I’ve upset myself now…

The Doctor’s timeline and the human timeline don’t match. He goes and comes from Earth as he pleases, and does not experience time in a linear fashion. If Rose’s timeline exactly matches ours (since the parallel world seems to go through the years at exactly the same rate that ours does) then she and Tentoo are in 2014. She’s in her late 20s. Tentoo is about 910.  (He’s been in this human body for six years; previous to that he was the Doctor, at the age of about 904.)

If she had chosen the full Time Lord Doctor to travel with, and she had never left his side, from his perspective she would have died centuries ago - probably during the centuries in his own timeline that he spent instead sulking after losing Amy and Rory. That, I think, is one of the reasons why he let her go and be with Tentoo. Tentoo will not experience the situation of watching Rose age and die while he continues on. The Doctor’s loss of Rose was inevitable, sooner or later.  Tentoo has a normal human life with her.

A Quick Guide to Reality Shows for the Perpetually Confused

My first article for Happy Nice Time People.

They’re everywhere—ordinary folks doing extraordinary things just to get on TV. And by “extraordinary,” we generally mean “stupid,” “frightening,” “earsplitting,” and sometimes just plain “gross.” From singing off-key to leaping out of airplanes… from dining on enormous insects (while the host cheers them on for trying the local “delicacy”) to dating and sometimes marrying total strangers… you name it, somebody has done it on television.

But who are all these people, and how can you keep them all straight? Fear not, confused reader, for we will break it all down for you.

Shows covered:

Dancing With the Stars


American Idol

The Voice

Keeping Up With the Kardashians

19 Kids and Counting

Amazing Race

The Real Housewives of…

The Bachelor

America’s Next Top Model

The Apprentice

The Biggest Loser


She cares so I don’t have to.

12 ~ Into the Dalek

Excuse me what fuckery is this Doctor? Since when do you not care? Like EVER?

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In fairness, the answer is: Since he was first created in 1963. The New Who Doctors have been largely a pretty warm, kindly bunch, but that wasn’t always the case. Doctors Hartnell, C. Baker and McCoy were pretty cold, unpleasant manipulative personas; while T. Baker wasn’t as deliberately cruel or manipulative, he could be pretty unconcerned about people’s feelings as he looked to solve the problem of the day. They’ve taken the old school approach with Capaldi.

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