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A question that’s been bothering me about doctor who is whether travelling with him stops you from aging whilst you are. Because otherwise wouldn’t that mess up like when you’re actual birthday is and stuff. He could be gone with one of his companions for a week and then return them to their own time 5 minutes from when they left. So would they be 5 minutes older or a week older?

That’s actually been explained on the show. Amy was beginning to get worried that their friends might notice that she and Rory were aging faster than they were. You continue to age while traveling with the Doctor; you’d come back a week older.


is it just me, or was 12s  10 showing for a bit there?

Happens a lot, actually. 12’s done a lot of sequels or callbacks to episodes and scenes from earlier eras.

- Deep Breath was the sequel to Girl in the Fireplace.

-Into the Dalek was the sequel to Dalek. (Yes, I know this was Nine.)

- Listen borrowed heavily from Midnight.

- The main villain in Time Heist has been recycled repeatedly, to a degree that’s getting annoying. Miss Foster. Madame Kovarian. Missy.

- The Caretaker borrowed ideas from School Reunion.

- Kill the Moon was a very obvious and deliberate sequel to The Waters of Mars.

So, yeah. Even though they are very different, 12’s 10 shows up a whole lot.


Imagine Ferelden during a Fifth Blight where no-one escapes Rendon Howe’s slaughter in Highever. Pup is dead. Duncan is dead.  There was no Joining, no Warden and Alistair sent to light a beacon… there is no HoF!Warden - no Wardens at all. Loghain blocking outside aid, cutting down anyone who questions the wisdom of same.  No GW treaties to demand aid from within Ferelden. And the unabated, unhindered exudate of darkspawn from the earth, with no hope of stopping them.

I think the Orlesian Grey Wardens, and others from the Anderfels, etc., would have ended up at war with the Darkspawn once the Blight leaked out of Ferelden. I do think that King Cailan, still alive with or without Duncan, would have sent his little brother to the “safer” job of climbing that tower, and I’m inclined to think that given the kind of fighter Alistair is, he might just have succeeded. However, Flemeth might not have known to rescue him, so that’s probably where he would have died. Ferelden would almost certainly have fallen, and our video game would have been based in a different country.


So I just watched the Doctor Who episode Kill The Moon. I haven’t been particularly impressed with the current series, but this episode left me bloody livid.

It was a fucking abortion metaphor, where the good, right decision is not to kill the sweet innocent little baby! And of course, not killing the sweet innocent little baby has absolutely no consequences! BECAUSE THAT’S HOW IT FUCKING WORKS.

Clara was right, it was patronising.

I expected nothing and yet still I was disappointed.

For what it’s worth, I saw this as a situation where the man in the scenario - the Doctor, cleared out of the picture entirely and allowed the women involved to decide for themselves how they wished to resolve the issue. He did not force Clara to make a choice one way or another. He allowed her to bear that responsibility herself.


"Omg Ten was so whiny I mean look at how he handled his regeneration! Eleven was so much better he accepted death"


It’s not like Ten lived for 4 years and Eleven lived for over a thousand
It’s not like Ten was completely alone when he was regenerating while Eleven had Clara
It’s not…

Never mind that Ten and Eleven are the same person at different times in his life. They aren’t two different men. They are the same man under two different sets of circumstances.

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