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A note to my followers

Several of you may have noticed that I have been posting less and less of late. My life is becoming very busy and I realize I don’t have endless hours of time to spend waxing earnest about Dragon Age, or Doctor Who, and I don’t even have time to sigh “Ack, I TOLD YOU SO!” about the fall and demise of Glee.  I’ve discovered that visiting tumblr now for me consists largely of noticing the number of responses to my posts drop (a logical conclusion, since I don’t post) and the number of followers begin to decline (once again, logical, since I’m not producing any content.)  I think I am going to take an official break from Tumblr completely, at least until Capaldi’s Doctor Who begins in earnest and Dragon Age Inquisition comes out. (I probably won’t get it until Christmas, anyway.)

I have enjoyed discussing things with you all. Perhaps we will see each other in cyberspace some time.


Claire (for that is my real name.)


Anonymous asked:

wait so if tentoo is part donna does that mean that rose is kinda bi?


I suppose that depends on how much you think personality inherently a part of gender. I imagine that the two of them consider TenToo to be male and don’t really think about the implications.

it would actually make a very interesting fic for TenToo to acknowledge that there is part of him that identifies as female and is part Donna.

It means he has her compassion and understanding of human psychology. And most people, male and female both, have female and male parts of their mental makeup; what makes us identify as male or female has a lot to do with what traits are dominant, rather than merely those that exist at all.


Hey since some people seem to be having trouble with coming up with ideas here are some smut prompts for you that don’t erase Time Lord asexuality

We’re gonna use Doctor/companion because let’s be honest that’s what most smut is anyway but this would also work for any other Gallifreyan/human…


There’s a post going around that begins: ”one of the things about Moffat is he’s not a particularly brave writer, is he?’

actions have no consequences, nobody dies in a way that’s not gently in their beds unless they come back two minutes later, the Doctor himself can’t get his hands dirty and commit genocide because think of the children.

I’ve been hemming and hawing about adding this comment to it, because it’s only half relevant. So here’s my half solution…

I feel like it’s because Moffat started his career writing sitcoms.

That’s not intended as an insult or an attack. Writing sitcoms is hard. Turning out something like Fawlty Towers or Dad’s Army… whoa. I couldn’t do it.

But it does require a rather different skillset to sci-fi drama, doesn’t it?

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